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How I can contribute by sending patients for live surgery? 

Which Surgeries : Surgeries which requires not more than 90 minutes –like Calcaneus –open –Minimally Invasive, Talus, Plano valgus osteotomy, Calcaneus Malunion – Syndesmosis, Ligament problems, and Ankle Arthroscopy- Tendoachilis problems – Tendon Problems – Fracture Dislocation metatarsal – all fusions – Post Malleolus – Hallux Valgus – Morton’s Neuroma -Anything You feel which benefits the patients and delegates but not a long surgery. 

How to send Patient Details: 

A. Online : submit case details on email add :  in word Format attached with this mail  or down load word format from Link :

If possible please send fully worked up patients and full all details in word format. If you have any difficulty in taking photos of X-rays, Pl. ask our Young Orthopedic Surgeon and E Experts – Dr. Rohan and Dr. Abhay. 

B. Offline : Print word or PDF and Send Patients to Polio foundation Monday to Saturday in OPD daily :  2pm to 4 pm and  tell patients to mention for purpose at OPD desk - For any Query Contact Dr Rohan Vakta -  09925665646  or Dr. Abhay Parikh - 09904500516

or Dr Kalpan Desai - 09824047841 or Dr Dhiren Ganjwala -09825025600 or Dr Prakash Amin -09825245465 or Dr Jigar Shah -09825334765 or Dr Neel Bhavsar -09638040954 or Dr Bhavik Dalal -9426357978 or Dr .Rajesh Solanki -09825367309 or Dr Mehul Shah -9825051162 or Dr. Rajiv Shah – 09825011487 or Dr Malhar Dave – 09824051009 or Dr Alok Shah – 09909982924 or Dr. Piyush Parikh – 09824412140. Dr Ravi - 09726820898

Polio Foundation Address: POLIO FOUNDATION Indukaka IPCO wala Seva Sansthan,  Pavansut Society, Opp.Rajwadu, Jivrajpark, Ahmedabad - 380 051 Phone No: 079- 26610801/02/03, 26611800

Final Selection of suitable free patients: 7th Jan 2016 by OPD at Polio Foundation -Consultation by International and National Faculty.

We request you to participate in academic activity and send your needy patients

I want to know in detail about Faculties - How I can know ?

Click here and download PDF  about faculty - click in individual links in PDf to know  - details about each  dedicated  faculty  

What are the fees ? Conference fees plus workshop fees  

How I can Register  ?

To know procedure click here :


Online registration -2nd slab of registration deadline is extended from 15th Nov  to 30th Nov 2015  due to bank  holidays - to avoid  difficulty to delegates and telephonic  demand from  many candidates .-decided in today's meeting - 15/11/2015 



Click  Link for Answer 

 How I can showcase  my work ?  

How I can Contribute ? 

a. Bring your cases for discussion – opinion of International and Indian faculties – have all data chronologically kept ready to save time and send prior for time management .

b. Send cases for operative – by experts for details contact us

c. Showcase your innovative work – click here for details for submission of abstract 

d. ask the expert and share your experience of such a good practice of life time 

I am from Orthopedic Industry , how can i  take part in this educational activity ?   

If you are interested in contributing in this conference for Education Purpose. Please Contact us - click here.   There are good opportunities to get mileage and one to one contact with orthopedic surgeons. Suitable Options are many as other conferences. Now available options can be discussed. See Down load section to see Opportunities and Layout of trade area  in details - click here and download 2 pdfs  for trade oppurtunities .




What is the Structure of Program ?

It is interactive with full of discussions.


Friday and Saturday   1. Start at 7.45 a.m. up to 12.30 Presentations from Experts and Question Answer after each session - including case based discussions for each problem area

                                    2. 1 to 5 PM - Live Surgery -Two Way communication by Moderates – Ask questions freely and solve queries.

                                    3. Saw Bone Workshops- Demonstration by Expert and then Hands on - Question -Answer -one to one interaction

4. New Technologies from Industry.

Sunday:   1. Start at 7.45 am

Till 12. 30 P.M. Presentations and case based discussions - Video Based discussions 

                2. After Lunch - Ask the expert - resolve your query directly with expert – small groups - case based and my innovations / Techniques by Experts. 

Program Finish at 4 p.m.

Minute to Minute program follows shortly. 

What are Live Surgeries ?

Tentative Surgery for demonstrations will be: U can register your patients 

 1. Calcaneus Fixation – Minimally invasive or Plate 

2. Talus # fixation 

3. Maunion of Calcaneum

4. Syndesmosis Fixation

5. Teandoachils Surgery or any other tendon related Surgery

6. Subtalar/ Ankle Fusion/ Nail for fusion

7. Total Ankle Replacement 

8. Ankle fracture fixation – Post Mall. Fixation 

9. Lisfranc 

10. Toe related pathologies 

11. Many more which do not take very long time for demonstrations 

What are the Workshops ?

Tentative Workshops: Hands on 

1. Calcaneus fixation 

2. Lisfranc fixation

3. Syndesmosis

4. Fusions

5. Fibula Fixation 


6. Newer technologies by Industry.

What I will gain from this course ? Will it change the way I practice ?

Will u afford to miss all this ? 

a. good insight about solutions   from International –National Experts  for  foot and ankle problems in day today busy  practice 

b. live surgery – step by step  to learning – practical approach.

c. Live demonstrations – how to pick problem from x-ray and MRI, how to examine patient

d. Hands on Workshops – Steps demonstrated by Experts

e. Detailed focused deep discussions – one to one interaction  

Who are the faculties of this Course ?


To know about Faculties please click here   or click here   or  Click here and download PDF  about faculty - click in individual links in PDf to know  - details about each  dedicated  faculty 


What about   Accomodation ?

For Travel and accomodation details  Pl click the link to see details 


What is the Agenda and Sessions of Program ? click here 

          Agenda and Sessions in Conference 

Foot and Ankle Basics

  •  Physical Examinations and How to Diagnose
  •  How to do Imaging – Recent Advances-3D Printing and Demonstration
  •  Anesthesia and Positioning

Foot and Ankle Trauma: Concepts, Principles, How to Plan and Perform

Recent Advances in Ankle Fractures - Posterior Malleolus Fractures

  •  Recent Concepts in Syndesmotic Injuries
  •  Understand injury and deciding approach and implant for Pilon Fractures
  •  Talus Fractures - Minimally Invasive – Which screw, From where? Plate?
  •  Recent Advances in Calcaneal Fractures - Minimally invasive Approaches
  •  Lisfranc – Multiple Metatarsals – Compartment Syndrome and Many More

Tendon Issues: Recent Advances, Principles, Identify Source of Pain

  •  Tendo-Achilles Rupture - Acute and Chronic
  •  Achilles Tendonitis and Tendinopathy
  •  Peroneal Tendonitis and Tears
  •  Anterior Tibial Tendinopathy
  •  Diagnosis and Treatment of Stage 1, 2, 3 Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

Arthritis Issues: Recent Advances, Principles, Identify Source of Pain

  •  Ankle Arthritis – Non operative Management
  •  Ankle Arthritis - Distraction Arthroplasty
  •  Ankle Arthritis - Fusion (open, arthroscopic, and mini)
  •  Ankle Arthritis - Total Ankle Replacement
  •  Subtalar Arthritis
  •  Subtalar Arthritis - Distraction Arthrodesis
  •  Tibiotalocalcaneal Fusions 
  •  Midfoot Arthritis - Nonoperative and Operative Management
  •  Delayed Presentation of Lisfranc Injuries and TMT Arthritis - Nonoperative and Operative Approach

Common Foot & Ankle Issues: Concepts, Principles, Management

  •  Claw and Hammer Toes
  •  Plantar Heel Pain
  •  Neuropathic Foot and Ankle
  •  Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle
  •  Physical Therapy of the Foot and Ankle
  •  Equinus Ankle
  •  Osteotomies of the Foot and Ankle
  •  Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  •  Sesamoid Pathologies
  •  Common Tumors of the Foot and Ankle
  •  Congenital Deformities
  •  Prosthetics and Orthotics and Many More

Ligament & Sports Related Problems: Concepts, Management

  •  Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy
  •  Acute Ankle Sprains (bracing, PT, medial ankle)
  •  Chronic Anterolateral Ankle Pain
  •  Ankle Instability
  •  Medial Deltoid Ligament Injury and Reconstruction

Surgical Videos/Classes/ Case Discussions / Group Discussions 

  •  Recorded Surgical Videos
  •  Ask the Experts
  •  Live Saw Bone Workshops
  •  Live Surgeries